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Posted by Larry Oberkfell, President/CEO, IFMA February 04, 2014

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I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Foodservice Category Management Board. Through their tireless efforts they have created THE category management best practices process for the foodservice industry, coined Full Plate™.  This could have only been possible by an industry wide, all-inclusive effort driven by a board comprised of 19 manufacturers, six distributors and three brokers, complimented by the four associations serving the industry - International Foodservice Manufacturers Associations (IFMA), National Restaurant Association (NRA), International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) and Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (FSMA) - and the commitment of Datassential and The NPD Group. And in particular, The Partnering Group (TPG) for their leadership throughout the effort. The body of work they have created is extensive and thorough, with a focus on the co-creation of consumer value with the operator and driving demand. Pilots are underway with learnings being captured and integrated into the body of work.

Later this month, we will release a Best Practices whitepaper and Foodservice Category Management training and certification programs will be announced. Everyone throughout the industry will be invited to participate.

If you're interested in learning more about Foodservice Category Management, visit our online community where updates and resources are posted, including the webinar, "Foodservice Category Management Best Practices Revealed!"

Also, please remember that IFMA Manufacturer Members and Associate Members are automatically eligible to be part of the Foodservice Category Management Update Group. As a member, you will receive a complimentary copy of the Best Practices whitepaper and updates from the work of the Innovation & Activation Board. You can opt-in to join the Update Group here - just select Foodservice Category Management Update Group from the "interests" listed.


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Mar 05

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Foodservice Category Management: Best Practices and Training & Certification Program Advances Industry Knowledge

IFMA and The Partnering Group are proud to announce the best practices report (Full Plate™: Category Management Business Process for Foodservice) and Foodservice Category Management Training and Certification Program, powered by Full Plate™. 

Webinar: Sysco's Bill Day: Update & Perspectives

Join the IFMA community as Bill Day, Vice President at Sysco, provides a status update on Category Management.

Press Release: IFMA & TPG Announce Foodservice Category Management Training & Certification

The Partnering Group (TPG) and IFMA introduce IFMA's Foodservice Category Management Training and Certification Program. The program is powered by Full Plate™, Foodservice Category Management, developed by TPG and recently endorsed by the Foodservice Category Management Innovation & Activation board. Training schedule will be released soon. 

Webinar: Foodservice Category Management Best Practices Revealed!

If you are involved in Category Management you don't want to miss this! Jeff Schroeder, Partner of The Partnering Group, presented the high level findings from the forthcoming complimentary Best Practices Whitepaper, including the process called Full Plate™,  in the most recent insightful and actionable webinar.

Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum 2013: Foodservice Category Management Executive Summary

Category management is a data-driven, collaborative process where distributors and manufacturers work together to develop strategies to grow specific categories, by satisfying operators and consumers. The concept of category management isn't new, but with a new business paradigm focused on supply chain efficiency and with access to an unprecedented level of data, the time for foodservice category management is now. Download an executive summary from Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum 2013 to learn more. 

5 Groundbreaking Foodservice Initiatives

A lot was covered at Presidents Conference 2013. Take a look at the agenda and registration list for more information on the many learning and collaboration opportunities of which attendees took advantage. In case you missed it, read on for a list of five new industry-wide initiatives, introduced by Dawn Sweeney (NRA), Larry Oberkfell (IFMA) and Mark Allen (IFDA) directed to win back the consumer for foodservice.

The Partnering Group and The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association Provide Update on Foodservice Category Management Industry Initiative

The Partnering Group (TPG) and The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) announce the unveiling of Full Plate™, TPG's Foodservice Category Management Process of the future at IFMA's Presidents Conference in Phoenix, Ariz., November 5, 2013.

Webinar: Category Management in Foodservice: The Industry Defines and Aligns on Opportunities

Art Bell  and Jeff Schroeder of The Partnering Group presented a webinar on "Category Management in Foodservice: The Industry Defines and Aligns on Opportunities." which reviewed the work of The Foodservice Category Management Innovation & Activation Board. View the webinar to learn about the Board's work on Category Management.

Foodservice Category Management Defined: Day 120 Update

What does Foodservice Category Management really mean? The Foodservice Category Management Innovation & Activation Board has established a universal definition to facilitate the industry's use of this strategic process. Get the definition here!

Foodservice Category Management: Day 60 Update - NRA Joins Effort

It has been 60 days since IFMA and a host of subject experts and industry partners launched the all-inclusive and industry-wide Foodservice Category Management Initiative. We are pleased to announce that in addition to the founders - The Partnering Group (TPG)Datassential, and NPD, our family of participating organizations now include - National Restaurant Association (NRA), International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) and Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (FSMA), along with 16 manufacturers, six distributors and three brokers.