Foodservice Category Management: Best Practices and Training & Certification Program Advances Industry Knowledge

Posted by IFMA September 01, 2014

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IFMA and The Partnering Group are proud to announce the best practices report (Full Plate™: Category Management Business Process for Foodservice) and Foodservice Category Management Training and Certification Program, powered by Full Plate™.

Thirty-five leading foodservice organizations worked over seven months to develop the Category Management Best Practices process for the foodservice industry. The final process, outlined in a newly released industry report,"Full Plate™: Category Management Business Process for Foodservice", is also the content behind an industry-wide Training & Certification Program where over 120 individuals have been trained.

To receive you complimentary copy of "Full Plate™: Category Management Business Process for Foodservice", join the Foodservice Category Management Update Group.

The thirty-five companies, known as the Foodservice Category Management Innovation & Activation Board, include 19 manufacturers, six distributors, three brokers, The Partnering Group (TPG), IFMA, the NRA, IFDA, FSMA, The NPD Group and Datassential. Led by TPG and IFMA, this diverse group's objective was to create an all-inclusive approach which would improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the channel and ultimately consumer demand for the foodservice choice.

The result is the new report which not only defines what category management is in foodservice, but outlines an eight-step process (Full Plate™) to execute successfully. The report also provides an understanding of why the industry needs Foodservice Category Management, what data is needed to make educated decisions and the organizational implications we need to consider moving forward.

The training and certification address this last need. We, as an industry, must train our staff to not only increase their understanding, but elevate our level of sophistication collectively. To support continued learning of this skill set in our industry, IFMA and TPG are now offering group and customized training.  The next group session will be September 23 in Rosemont, Ill. (dates and registration information will be shared here at Participants will go through the training and then have the opportunity to apply for certification. 

Contact Mike Schwartz at IFMA to learn more about Training & Certification.

For more information, view the press release announcing the training.


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