Supply Chain Optimization

The Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) committee consists of chain operators, manufacturers, and distributors who are developing foodservice best practices that deliver a more efficient and effective supply chain.

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The Power of Collaboration for Wendy’s/QSCC

Krista Pohlman, Sr. Director of Program Management at Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Co-op, was integral in the development of IFMA’s Operator Collaboration Model and Joint Business Planning best practice. Learn why she and her organization became involved with IFMA’s best practice collaboration model and advice for how others can get involved.


Optimizing the Supply Chain for FOCUS Brands

In order to optimize the supply chain for six brands, Rich Kamph, SVP of Global Supply Chain for FOCUS Brands, felt it was important to engage the Operator Collaboration Model with his supplier partners to develop common understanding and expectations. Read more about how his organization is adopting IFMA’s best practice model.

Key Themes in Effective Foodservice Operator / Manufacturer Excellence

Ideally, everyone in the restaurant business aspires to excellence.
But what excellence means in various functional areas differs, and the challenges that professionals face as they aspire to excellence reflects a balancing act: Culinarians must create menu items that engage customers, reflect their brand identity, and can be delivered on. In marketing, excellence requires staying true to the brand and ensuring the brand stays relevant to consumers. In supply chain management, cost-effective and seamless delivery of what is needed when it is needed is an element of excellence. Learn what industry experts serving both regional and chain operators  in a variety of job functions emphasized at IFMA COEX 2015.

Jun 12

Navy Foodservice Ashore Solutions Conference

This conference is for all on-shore military personnel, affiliates and foodservice professionals including 100+ military, Department of Defense (DOD) and 50 food manufacturers. The event makes up an eclectic group of industry personnel.