Strike Team: Go-to-Market Model

Three Strike Teams have been formed that will meet to understand and create strategic solutions for your companies on The Consumer Path to Consumption, The New Operator Landscape and Go-To–Market. Ambitious subject matter experts from IFMA member companies have come together to form these three strike teams working to provide direction on the scope and deliverables.

New Go-to-Market Model: Creating a new model that provides manufacturers an understanding of all go-to-market options from traditional broadliners to ecommerce, helping you optimize your choices to succeed. Strike Team members should come from channel/customer marketing, sales, insights, sales operations and supply chain departments.

If you or your company has interest in shaping the industry’s future, please contact Becky Conroy, IFMA Director of Insights & Best Practices.

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Mar 18

Chain Operators EXchange (COEX)

The IFMA Chain Operators EXchange (COEX) enables chain operators to take advantage of business building insights and create personal connections with leading manufacturers. With dozens of high-profile operators on the planning committee, the program truly is created "by operators, for operators."