Operator/Manufacturer Collaboration Model (OCM)

The Operator/Manufacturer Collaboration Model Committee consists of chain operators and manufacturers who have championed the development of a best practice model for collaboration in foodservice. The process provides a framework for industry practitioners to classify, understand and communicate value of operator-supplier relationships. Additionally, it is meant to develop a common language to drive efficiency and effectiveness between channel partners. 

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Joint Business Planning Process Finalized by Operator & Manufacturer Board

IFMA’s Joint Business Planning (JBP) initiative, Phase II of the Operator/Manufacturer Collaboration Model (OCM), was completed at the Committee’s third and final meeting in northwest suburban Chicago on September 24. IFMA is currently recruiting operator-supplier teams to pilot the JBP process. These pilots will train key stakeholders, and evaluate the initiative for adoption, eventually reporting their learnings back to IFMA and the industry. Read more inside.  


OCM Phase II - Joint Business Planning

IFMA's OCM Phase II addresses the need for a standardized process and common language for joint business planning between foodservice manufacturers and chain operators.

Offering Operator Collaboration Model Training in 2015

Over the last year, a committee of leading chains and manufacturers created the Operator/Manufacturer Collaboration Model (OCM), a framework to better classify, understand and communicate the value of each chain operator-supplier relationship. In 2015, IFMA will introduce an industry-wide training program on how to best utilize and incorporate OCM. Stay tuned for more information on IFMAWORLD.com or contact Mike Schwartz, IFMA's Director of Insights and Best Practices. 


Smashburger Founder Tom Ryan Innovates Locally to Gain Market Share Nationally

Smashburger Founder & Chief Concept Officer Tom Ryan understands how to apply innovative tactics needed to win an increased share of the consumer's foodservice dollar. The fast casual chain recently began pairing burgers with craft beers provided by local breweries. Learn more about Smashburger's explosive growth and Tom Ryan's scheduled Keynote address at IFMA's Chain Operator EXchange (COEX 2015) coming this March.  

Mar 05

Chain Operators EXchange (COEX)

The IFMA Chain Operators EXchange (COEX) enables chain operators to take advantage of business building insights and create personal connections with leading manufacturers. With dozens of high-profile operators on the planning committee, the program truly is created "by operators, for operators."