IFMA's Membership Committee is comprised of the members of the Board of Directors and is chaired by a member of the Board. The Membership Committee is dedicated to driving long-term growth in membership. In addition, the Board provides referrals for membership solicitations. 

IFMA’s ROI Calculator to Help Members Achieve Zero-Based Budgeting

Zero-based budgeting is a trending practice first introduced in the 1970s that has very recently experienced a renaissance at numerous companies, both large and small. P&L professionals tasked with managing in a zero-based budgeting environment will be required to analyze the most efficient return on spending, from the bottom up, and truly understand how effective the spend will be. To assist P&L managers with this initiative, IFMA has developed a way to help quantify and qualify the value it brings to members and their respective companies.

March: Welcome IFMA's New Members

Each month we highlight the newest companies that make up IFMA's diverse membership community. This month's new member is Marsh Brand Partners. Read on to learn about their background and specialty.

March: Welcome IFMA's New Members!

Each month we highlight the newest companies that make up IFMA's diverse membership community. Read on to learn about their backgrounds and specialties.

A quick note about your IFMA membership

As the 2014 Chairman of IFMA, I am finding the year has progressed at lightning speed in an industry going through significant change. With the introduction of IFMA's 2020 Strategic Plan, we were ready to take on the industry challenges by focusing on the consumer and bringing growth back to foodservice. 

A Note about your IFMA Membership

I hope your year thus far has been as rewarding as mine has been as your IFMA Chairman of the Board.  As you know, the change in our industry is moving quickly.  As a result, we have really invested the time, energy and funding to ensure we give you – and all our members – the most important insights and best practices that you can put to immediate use in driving your business.

Aug 07

Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum

The annual IFMA Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum focuses on marketing and sales collaboration, providing these professionals the means to apply actionable insights and best practices to work together to improve both strategic planning and go-to-market execution. 

The program serves to unravel the complexities of the foodservice landscape, delivering powerful insights into the consumer, operator and distributor communities, as well as communicating how to best utilize the available tools for improved collaboration and tactical go-to-market execution.