Board of Directors

IFMA's Board of Directors represents a diverse group of manufacturers from across the foodservice industry. Their leadership contributes to  everything the Association does from the formulation of strategic plans and committees that reflect the needs and interests of the membership.

Crave-ability, SCORES, and SNAP

At the July Board Meeting on July 21st, Jack Li from Datassential made a presentation on a look at the types of foods and beverages consumers want, based on SCORES™ concept ratings for every new major chain item & LTO.  Plus a look at SNAP™, a new tool that enables anyone to access the insights they need through a single, simple search box.



Data Theft is Rampant - Don’t be the Next Data Breach Statistic

At the July Board Meeting on July 21st, Jeff Schroeder & John Bianchini from Bluefin Payment Systems made a presentation on data theft and how Bluefin’s payment solutions strike the perfect balance of meeting customer demands for paying anytime, anywhere, with the security that allows your Executive team to sleep at night.


IFMA July Board of Directors Presentation

The second meeting of the 2015 Board of Directors was held on July 20th - 21st at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. See what was discussed.

Aug 08

Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum

The annual IFMA Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum focuses on marketing and sales collaboration, providing these professionals the means to apply actionable insights and best practices to work together to improve both strategic planning and go-to-market execution. 

The program serves to unravel the complexities of the foodservice landscape, delivering powerful insights into the consumer, operator and distributor communities, as well as communicating how to best utilize the available tools for improved collaboration and tactical go-to-market execution.