Your Function is Your Job, Your Purpose is Your Customer

Posted by Vince Crew, Founder, REACH Development Services August 19, 2013

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Vince CrewVince Crew founded REACH Development Services LLC in 1997. He uses what he calls "TransREACHing©: the act of discovering fundamental truths, regardless of industry, that enable innovative transition (doing things differently) or transformation (doing different things)" to help others manage their businesses. REACH has grown to become a valuable resource to leaders in various industries, including the foodservice industry. Crew will hold a workshop titled "New Times, New Leaders...What the next generation must deliver" at Presidents Conference 2013. He recently delivered a keynote presentation  at the Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum


Your job may be marketing. 

Your job may be sales. 

Your job may be in another functional area of the company. 

But above all else your purpose is securing the relationship with the customer. 

Customers are driven by two powerful drivers - fear and trust.  They are looking for someone to alleviate their worries and find a partner to improve their futures. They don't want to feel alone in the uncertainties and chaos in our industry and economy. 

If fear is the driver, the solution is…    

• encouragement: be positive, reassuring, and optimistic about their business and your commitment to help    

• comfort: listen to their perspectives and concerns and offer the willingness and ability to bring your best to the table    

• dependability: follow-up, follow-through and respond to each and every promise promptly

If trust is the driver, the solution is… 

• connection: intentional caring, genuine personality, humor, and honesty create the bonds that drive goodwill, the benefit or the doubt, and lasting relationships 

• integrity: being able to see consistent values and professional commitment is the bedrock of customer loyalty 

• knowledge: information only comes alive with the insight of a professional who can translate data into a customer-focused perspective 

Regardless of your specific tasks, your ultimate responsibility is to secure the relationship with the customer. 

That security may be supported with data, facts, and analysis, but it is rooted in satisfying the emotional realties of eliminating fear, uncertainty, and doubt of working with you and your company rather than your competitor. 

Before your next conversation with your customer, ask yourself, "How is this making the customer feel better about doing business with us?" 

No more functional silos, just one purpose: become irreplaceable in the life of the customer.

Join me, along with a lineup of other experts at Presidents Conference 2013, November 3-6 in Phoenix.

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