Where Do You Fit on the Operator’s “Triangle?”

Posted by IFMA June 20, 2014

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What is the best way for chain operators and manufacturers to work together? More than 30 leading chains and IFMA members, in conjunction with The Partnering Group (TPG), have been working to develop a model for the foodservice industry to help answer this question.

The Operator/Manufacturer Collaboration Model (OCM) is creating a framework to better classify, understand and communicate the value of each chain operator-supplier relationship. Over the past nine months, the committee has worked through the best practice model. One of the many elements in determining the type of relationship is defining the role of the product category. 

Category Role Picture

Additionally, the model simplifies the way that the chain-supplier relationship is viewed, bucketing each relationship into four distinct types:Transactional, Preferred, Collaborative,and Strategic. This approach helps take emotion out of the conversation, allowing for more focused business interactions between chains and suppliers.


Donette Beattie, Vice President of Supply Chain at Culver's  and OCM committee member, has already shared some of these learnings with her colleagues and business partners:

"I am already using elements of the Operator/Manufacturer Collaboration Model during my supplier meetings. The process we are building truly does help achieve alignment and increases understanding across the table."

The most recent updates of the model will be presented at IFMA's Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum, August 5-6 at Rich's Food Products in Buffalo, New York. To learn more about the committee or attending the conference, please visit www.ifmaworld.com or contact Mike Schwartz at 312-540-4403.


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