Wally Doolin to Moderate Panel at Presidents Conference, Top Operators to Offer Reactions to Conference Insights

Posted by IFMA October 08, 2014

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One of the most unique components of Presidents Conference is the Closing Keynote Panel. It is comprised of accomplished operator executives who will offer their perspectives on everything presented during the event. This year's panel will be moderated by TDn2K Chairman and Founder Wally Doolin and include the following executives: 

  • Kat Cole, President, Cinnabon
  • Paul Damico, President, Moe's Southwest Grill
  • Keith Rosenthal, Sr. VP Purchasing & Product Development, Bojangles' International
  • Keith Sirois, CEO, Big Boy Restaurants International 

In addition to offering their insights and reactions to the prior two days of conference discussions, this elite gathering of industry-leading executives will also share their perspectives on the evolving landscape of the foodservice industry. With the collective knowledge of these panelists and the leadership of Mr. Doolin, this panel is expected to be one of the highlights of Presidents Conference. 

About the Moderator

Mr. Doolin was selected to lead this dynamic panel because of his unique experience working with multiple foodservice concepts on a global basis. These have ranged in circumstances from turn around, start up, high growth, public ownership and private ownership. Mr. Doolin's overall commitment to the foodservice industry throughout his career has established him as a trusted, competent and effective leader. 

Furthermore, Mr. Doolin's own personal insights addressing the foodservice industry are directly on point with many critical issues that will be addressed as part of this year's President's Conference Agenda. 

Mr. Doolin noted many topics that are relevant to Presidents Conference in a January article he penned entitled "It's a New Year, Thank Goodness." Herein, Mr. Doolin wrote that "the industry continues to evolve in ways that are more systemic. Ownership has evolved from engaged founders to professional investors. Our customers move from brand to brand and segment to segment easily making loyalty daunting. Value is far more complex than menu pricing and promotion. Our workforce is maturing with evolving needs of their own, pressuring some to want a bigger share of the pie."

Mr. Doolin's article, published on TD2nK's website, outlines several insights that can serve as areas of focus to the benefit of the foodservice industry. A snapshot of those include the following:  

  • Competition is more than your direct segment: Consumers easily trade from brands and segments based on convenience and choice determined by the occasion. We see the top quartile companies focus their resources on occasions in the market share battle.
  • Pay doesn't always correlate to performance, but turnover does: We see this pretty clearly in individual market data. Inspired leadership and engaged employees make a difference in sales growth and market share gains.
  • Capital investment in productivity and customer facing technology will continue to separate winners and losers: A company constrained by capital or ideas will not be able to effectively compete on a multiple unit, multiple market level. 

More Operators at Presidents Conference

At Presidents Conference, Mr. Doolin will work with Closing Keynote Panelists to identify the most important industry trends affecting chain operators. In addition to those appearing on this panel, leaders from many more operator brands will also be present or speaking at Presidents Conference. These include: ARCOP, Inc.; Buffalo Wild Wings; Firehouse Subs, FOCUS Brands, Hard Rock International, Noodles & Company, National Restaurant Association, P.F. Changs, Quality Supply Chain Co-Op; Red Lobster; Sodexo; Wildflower Bread Company and more. View the attendee list for more details. 

Register to attend Presidents Conference to experience one of the industry's most influential events. For chain operators registration and accommodations are complimentary but online registration is still required.  

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