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Posted by Vince Crew, Founder, REACH Development Services

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Vince CrewVince Crew founded REACH Development Services LLC in 1997. He uses what he calls "TransREACHing©: the act of discovering fundamental truths, regardless of industry, that enable innovative transition (doing things differently) or transformation (doing different things)" to help others manage their businesses. REACH has grown to become a valuable resource to leaders in various industries, including the foodservice industry. Crew will deliver a keynote presentation and along with a lineup of other experts at the Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum Aug. 13-14 at Frito-Lay Worldwide Headquarters. 

At Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum, I will reveal the secrets to sales and marketing collaboration in a simple approach. I believe that fostering internal relationships between marketing and sales teams within your company will contribute to better external company relationships as well.

"Nothing happens until somebody sells something."
It's true. Today, too many are focused on branding and social media. How can we get more recognition and "likes"? The answer is to sell more products. The more sales you make, the better known you will become, and the more "liked" you will be in every sense of the word. In order for a sale to happen, the salesman must be equipped with information, insights and innovation in the marketplace - that's where marketing comes in.

So sales and marketing rely on each other for their very existence and the company relies on both to gain marketshare, grow revenues, and increase profits.

Executives must lead their marketing and sales teams as cohesive drivers of company value, not two different silos on either side of the barn. Selling is not about talking people into buying something they don't want or need; it's finding out what they do want or need and helping them get it. Selling is not taking advantage of others, but giving them more advantage through your products or services (assuming it genuinely meets their needs and can benefit them).

Exactly what do you give when you sell? As a marketer you give time, attention, counsel, education and empathy. And most of all, you give value.

Marketing paves the way with research, analytics, trend spotting, and positioning. Sales delivers the alignment between data and shifts and applies it to the customer's world. Marketing knows about the customer. Sales knows about the customer. Marketing equips and emboldens the salesman who equips and emboldens the customer to buy. Marketing and sales must work hand-in-hand to ensure customer preference and company success. Executives must lead their marketing and sales teams as cohesive drivers of company value, not two different silos on either side of the barn.

Our industry is filled with talk of external collaboration throughout the foodservice channel. Collaboration will remain a buzzword as long as internal turf battles remain in place. It's time for change internally to foster change externally.

My powerful session on the dynamics and realities of fostering better working relationships between two of the most important company functions will teach you how to:

  • Develop Conversation & Clarity
  • Design better means of Assessment & Focus
  • Better align Strategic & Tactical Planning Process
  • Understand the value of Execution & Evaluation

For more information, join me at the Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum Aug. 13-14 at Frito-Lay Worldwide Headquarters. I'll be closing out the conference, so be sure to register and stick around for my presentation. I hope to see you there!

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Aug 07

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