Top 5 Reasons to Attend IFMA's Presidents Conference

Posted by IFMA October 12, 2017

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For 55 years, the IFMA Presidents Conference has been the place where foodservice leaders meet. Co-hosted by the NRA and IFDA, this premier top-to-top forum gathers prominent leaders and decision makers representing national and regional chains, distributors and manufacturers.

No other industry event makes it easier for you to discover actionable insights into the channel’s most critical issues, allowing them to challenge the status quo by optimizing strategies and businesses. The robust content on deck for IFMA Presidents Conference will cater to all types of foodservice professionals. The dynamic presentations at this conference will capture your full attention, as thought-leaders share valuable perspectives and experiences on hot-button issues.

Why you should register to attend IFMA Presidents Conference 2017 on November 5-7 in Phoenix:

1. Networking

Quality connections aren’t hard to come by at Presidents Conference.  The environment is jam-packed with foodservice professionals looking to meet with current customers, peers and make new connections. Past attendees rate Presidents Conference at the top of their list as the go-to event to develop quality connections.

2. Powerful Industry Leaders to Keynote

  • The United States Secretary of Labor, a member of the Cabinet of the United States, and head of the U.S. Department of Labor, R. Alexander Acosta, will discuss how the current administration has impacted our industry and what to expect moving forward.
  • Author of Blockchain: Trust Companies: Every Company Is at Risk of Being Disrupted by a Trusted Version of Itself, Richie Etwaru has delivered over 100 blockchain keynotes across the world and has advised governments and venture funds on blockchain opportunities.
  • Jason Dorsey is the leading Millennials and Gen Z researcher and speaker. He has been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, and over 100 more TV interviews. His passion is solving tough generational challenges for organizations and leaders.
  • Liz Meyerdirk leads the global business development team for UberEverything.  As one of the early members of the UberEverything team, Liz has been involved in driving the business strategy, large partnerships and evolution of the UberEverything businesses, such as UberEATS.

 3. Proprietary Research Revealed

Showcased exclusively at IFMA Presidents Conference 2017, an unveiling of findings from a study fielded specifically for Presidents Conference attendees, diving into eating habits of Gen Z and how they differ from other generations.

Tuesday’s key topic presentation on The Next Generation will release hot off-the-press research detailing an exploration of Gen Z’s eating habits.

4. Industry Hot Buttons

Our industry continues to evolve. Millennials are old news— we’re on to attracting Gen Z. Consumer dining occasions have shifted from on-premise to delivery and takeout. Technology advancements have impacted operational efficiencies across the supply chain, as well as the consumer experience. Foodservice is an industry of people, for people, enabled by technology.

5. Phoenix in November!

Aside from the above top reasons to attend IFMA Presidents Conference, the program boasts a great time in a warm climate with industry friends and partners! Get ready to connect and learn, and be sure to take a look at the agenda. Download the IFMA mobile app to help navigate the on-site conference experience.

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Aug 07

Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum

The annual IFMA Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum focuses on marketing and sales collaboration, providing these professionals the means to apply actionable insights and best practices to work together to improve both strategic planning and go-to-market execution. 

The program serves to unravel the complexities of the foodservice landscape, delivering powerful insights into the consumer, operator and distributor communities, as well as communicating how to best utilize the available tools for improved collaboration and tactical go-to-market execution. 

IFMA Awards Foodservice Industry Leaders at the 55th Annual Presidents Conference

IFMA honored several executives and companies through multiple awards issued at IFMA’s 55th annual Presidents Conference. Four award categories paid tribute to a variety of foodservice leaders and businesses who have proven overall industry excellence.

IFMA Announces Recipients of the 11th Annual Distributor Awards

The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) announces the recipients of the 11th annual Distributor Awards, which acknowledges distributor leadership and overall excellence within the foodservice industry. US Foods, Ben E. Keith Foods and Bill Day will each be honored at the Distributor Awards ceremony during IFMA's 55th annual Presidents Conference, co-hosted by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) in Phoenix, AZ, November 5-7.

The Next Generation: An Exploration of Gen Z’s Eating Habits

The emergence of Millennials and Gen Z is creating tremendous difficulty on every side of the foodservice industry, from declining customer foot traffic and stagnant sales. These massive, diverse generations think differently about food, beverages, dining out, foodservice marketing, and foodservice brands than any previous generation.

IFMA Presidents Conference 2015 Executive Summary Series

IFMA Presidents Conference 2015 addressed the most critical issues expected to bring massive transformative change to the foodservice industry over the next five years. Dozens of speakers touched on a wealth of topics including geopolitical change, automated foodservice delivery, improved foodservice supplier collaboration with operators, new foodservice marketing strategies needed to address evolving consumer behaviors and much more. View executive summaries covering the most engaging presentations given at the conference.

Foodservice Operator LeaderThink Features Arby's Executives

Arby’s has experienced strong performance in recent years, which
can be attributed to the work the company has done to rebuild its brand and culture, as well as to product innovation in partnership with franchisees and suppliers. Executives from Arby's Restaurant Group Inc. and U.S. Beef Corp. (the largest Arby's franchisee group) addressed how they worked together to overcome a host of industry challenges and achieve success.

The Changing Foodservice Operator

Operators are facing four big areas of challenge that Technomic sees as transformative, bound to drive changes in how operators approach business: 1) coping with supply chain challenges, including driver shortages; 2) meeting consumer demand for “food with integrity”; 3) dealing with “regulation nation” where industry-disrupting changes may include a higher minimum wage; and 4) incorporating innovations into operations, including new delivery models, variable pricing, self-ordering systems, and robotics. Executives from Denny’s, Kwik Trip, Fiesta Restaurant Group and Wildflower Bread Company shared their insights.

The Changing Foodservice Consumer — The 360° View

Consumers’ food-related tastes and preferences are constantly evolving. What will the foodservice consumer look like in 2020? An overarching theme of the future is a more personal relationship with food. Datassential's Jack Li provided a host of insights on these foodservice consumer trends during his presentation offered at IFMA Presidents Conference 2015 last November.

Joint Business Planning Best Practices

In 2015, IFMA and The Partnering Group led a board of foodservice manufacturers, chain restaurant operators and other industry players in the development of a new best practice for collaborative business planning. What emerged, dubbed “Joint Business Planning (JBP),” is the second phase of IFMA’s Operator Collaboration Model (OCM) and is a process to guide chain operators and manufacturers to work together in more effective ways, with business benefits for both.

The Next Five Years in Foodservice

In the years ahead, demographic and industry changes will have a major impact on the foodservice sector. Foodservice manufacturers, distributors and operators can’t ignore the preferences of seniors, Hispanics and Millennials, since these groups will account for the major growth in consumer spending. Competition will come from new sources, such as online retailers, new logistics networks and new home delivery services. To prosper, industry players must innovate and address evolving consumer needs.

6 Things Foodservice Leaders Want You to Know

Presidents Conference 2015 inspired us to ask some critical questions about leadership in the foodservice industry in the recent #IFMAchat tweet chat. Find out what your fellow leaders had to say on topics like mentorship, teamwork and the importance of working your way up.