Operator, Distributor, Manufacturer, oh my!

Posted by IFMA October 11, 2012

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Whether you're transitioning from another industry or just entering the workforce, joining the foodservice industry can feel a bit challenging. Before you can hit the ground running, you need to learn about the complexities that make up the channel and understand how each community - foodservice operators, distributors and manufacturers - work together.

IFMA's Foodservice Fundamentals Fast Track program is an intensive 1-day training course on the foodservice industry, specifically created for those new or returning to foodservice. The content presented by Technomic, the leading fact-based consulting and research firm serving the food industry, includes
essential learnings as well as a detailed Technomic Data Digest. Here are just a few of the things attendees walk away with:

  • Industry basics, overview and foundation
  • Understanding the "post-recession" mindset of the foodservice consumer
  • Updated information on Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)
  • The changing landscape of Food Management Firms

To learn more about Foodservice Fundamentals Fast Track, click here. The dates of the 2013 sessions, all held in the Chicago area, are now posted!

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