Join Forces with Operation Live Well at the 2017 Navy Foodservice Ashore Solutions Conference

Posted by IFMA March 23, 2017

The Department of Defense (DoD) wants to improve the health and wellness of the entire defense community, and by doing so has developed Operation Live Well, a strategic approach to create more ready, resilient and healthier armed forces and military communities. The programs outlines resources for how to eat better, stay physically active, quit or avoid tobacco, and stay mentally fit. Operation Live Well is the DoD's long-term initiative to improve the health and wellness of the more than 10 million members of the U.S. defense community, including service members and their families, retirees and DoD civilians.

At the 2017 Navy Foodservice Ashore Solutions Conference, you have the opportunity to showcase some of your leading healthy options to the Navy’s leading decision makers. The four-day program provides a relaxed environment to interact with current and prospective customers, build important relationships and secure significant business opportunities. Experience first-hand the only approved event where global U.S. Navy operators meet in one place to learn about your foodservice products. Join Unilever, TomaTek, Neil Jones and Wholesome Harvest as they showcase some of their newest products!

The 2017 Navy Foodservice Ashore Solutions Conference is a unique, exclusive opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the obstacles that the Navy Foodservice agencies face and how manufacturers can assist to solve these challenges. The program gives you an opportunity to enhance your product exposure with direct interaction of more than 100 on-shore military personal, affiliates and foodservice professional— all representing more than $85M in sales.

Join over 100 U.S. Navy foodservice decision makers at the 2017 Navy Foodservice Ashore Solutions Conference, June 12-15 in San Diego. Interested in participating? Contact Cheron Lessmeister, IFMA's Director, Membership.

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