Improving Channel Partnerships through Better Collaboration

Posted by Julie Heseman, Director of Insights & Best Practices September 23, 2016

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Despite having existing strong and collaborative relationships, Ed Medlock, SVP Distribution, Logistics, and Program Management at Wendy’s QSCC felt it was important to engage the Operator Collaboration Model with his industry partners to validate and grow those relationships.

IFMA: Tell us a little bit about your organization, role and responsibilities.

Ed Medlock (EM): QSCC is the exclusive Supply Chain Purchasing Co-op for the Wendy’s Restaurants. In my role, I oversee the delivery system from the food manufacturers, through our food and paper distributors to our restaurants.  Additionally, my team manages the flow of new and limited time items in support of Wendy’s marketing initiatives.

IFMA: Why did you choose to join the IFMA Operator Collaboration Model (OCM) committee in the development of an industry best practice?

EM: We have always felt that we are very collaborative in our relationships with our supplier and distribution partners.  Joining IFMA in its OCM initiative is a way to not only validate that but get better at our skills in working with our partners.

IFMA: What have been the greatest benefits of participating on the development committee?

EM: Understanding the thought process and reasoning behind the process that we gained in the development has helped me better share the benefits of the tools and process with the associates that we are engaging back at the office.

IFMA: How have you or your organization benefitted from attending the OCM training?

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