Executive Summary Series: Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum 2017

Posted by IFMA March 01, 2018

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 MSLF 2017 Executive Summaries Graphic


Manufacturer’s Perspective on Meal Kit Partnership     

Nicole Sorensen, Brand Manager, Fresh Brands, Tyson Tastemakers Sarah Hickey, Director of Consumer Insights, Tyson Foods

Best Practices in Marketing & Sales Collaboration               

Peter Pickus, Advisory Leader at CEB (now Gartner)

Capitalizing on Chain delivery and Take-Out                       

Jack Li, Builder, Datassential

Reaching the Next Generation of Operators

Paul Barron, CEO, executive producer and editor-in-chief, Foodable Labs

 The GPO/Operator Relationship

Michael Dragone, Vice President of National Accounts, Navigator Purchasing Group Scott Shontz, National Director of Dining Services, Healthcare Services Group


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Mar 18

Chain Operators EXchange (COEX)

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