Expert lineup at 2013 Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum

Posted by IFMA June 12, 2013

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At the Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum, Aug. 13-14, 2013 at Frito-Lay Worldwide Headquarters, numerous experts discussed and taught about a variety of topics, all created to give sales and marketing professionals the insight needed to collaborate more effectively with trading partners, customers and equally important, each other. 

Expert Presenters

Vince Crew

Vince Crew, Founder, REACH Development Services

Learn the secrets to sales and marketing no-silos leadership and improved collaboration in four simple steps. With 20 years of sales, marketing, management and executive leadership experience, Crew is a trusted resource to executives around the U.S. He will deliver a powerful program that focuses on the dynamics and realities of fostering better working relationships between marketing and sales teams.

Jeff Pawlak -compressedJoe Pawlak, Vice President, Technomic

Pawlak is responsible for directing and conducting consulting and research assignments for manufacturers and associations in the food industry, giving him a well-rounded understanding of what matters to you most. Pawlak and the Technomic team will deliver an update on the state of the foodservice industry, including key industry developments and trends, insights into the current and future status and implications for suppliers. Plus, you'll get the all-new Technomic Data Digest.

Jack LiheadshotJack Li, Managing Director, Datassential

An industry authority, Li has led hundreds of research studies for foodservice manufacturers and distributors across a broad array of topics. He will unveil fascinating new consumer and culinary research including: consumer dining occasions; away from home vs. at home motivations; the latest food trends; and an impending critical industry shift.

Bill HaleBill Hale, Founder, The Hale Group

Hale has an extensive history of providing strategic counsel to various participants in the food system. He will deliver an updated "Foodservice 2020" outlook, a snapshot of how globalization, supply chain changes and increased contracted business are affecting our industry. The U.S. Foods panel, moderated by Hale, is a must-attend session.

Dave De WaltDave DeWalt, President, Franklin Foodservice Solutions

Years of experience serving food industry clients on a variety of strategic, marketing and distribution-related projects has made DeWalt adept in the area of broker consolidation. He will shed light on the latest research that uncovers how the changing broker landscape affects the manufacturer community. Whether you are direct, broker or hybrid, gain insights into how to best optimize your sales force.

Eric GiandeloneEric Giandelone
, Senior Consultant, Mintel

We know the power of numbers, but how do you take dry data and tell a story? Giandelone will show you how to analyze data with examples of successful - and some not so successful - product launches. Along with specific examples, we'll take a step back to look at the bigger picture and to how to set out on the right path by identifying a trend vs. a fad.

Laura PattersonLaura Patterson, President & Founder, VisionEdge Marketing

Want to prove and improve the value of your marketing? For 20+ years, Patterson has helped CEOs and marketing executives do just that. She was an early advocate of using marketing data, processes, automation, metrics and dashboards to link marketing initiatives and investments to business outcomes. Her session will demonstrate how to leverage customer-centricity and metrics to create an outcome based marketing plan to improve your effectiveness.

SCHROEDER-jeff 1v3Jeff Schroeder, Partner, The Partnering Group

Category management has become of key interest in foodservice due to intense competition and shrinking margins. Schroeder will provide a foundational understanding of this essential business practice and how foodservice can leverage category leadership through analytics, standards and increased collaboration with trading partners. Schroeder's wealth of experience in developing best practices in category management gives him keen insight you don't want to miss.

Nick Toman2Nick Toman, Practice Manager/Senior Director, CEB

Toman has conducted numerous research studies in the space of customer service and sales effectiveness for business leaders and management teams around the world. Customers no longer need salespeople like they once did. In his session, learn how the best suppliers are "unteaching" customers to create greater value and differentiate themselves in this era of the informed customer.

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What best practices should sales & marketing organizations adopt, where do you find them and how do you execute? At the 2014 Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum, sales and marketing professionals from top foodservice organiztions will convene to discover, discuss, and learn how to implement these best practices. 

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