Executive Summary Series: Reaching the Next Generation of Operators

Posted by IFMA January 19, 2018

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Foodable Labs, which provides the restaurant industry with data analytics such as location-based data, consumer demographics, cross-competitive analysis and deep-dive brand metrics, was commissioned by IFMA to look at the digital landscape as it relates to the restaurant industry.

Using a platform called Social Insights, Foodable measured five points of interest--social restaurant visits; sentiment regarding food, service and brands; engagement; mobile, and digital influence--across 23 social and digital platforms to see "where are industry leaders consuming data and what kind of info are they consuming." The platforms were measured against Foodable's list of top 100 chefs, top 100 emerging brands, and top 1,000 independent restaurants.

According to the research, the top platforms for active and engaged chefs are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Foodable's Paul Barron explained that because the foodservice community is more visually oriented than other industries, Instagram and YouTube are preferred media, particularly among people aged 25 to 34. However, Facebook still manages to engage a large majority of chefs and independent restaurants.


  • Video platforms are a key medium
  • Instagram: a target for manufacturers
  • Apple News is ground-breaking
  • Amazon is a force to be reckoned with

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