Employer of Choice: Attracting & Retaining Millennials in the Digital Age

Posted by Laura Everly, IFMA January 04, 2017

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How could your brand benefit from a fresh perspective on customer and employee loyalty in the digital age? As companies fight to attract and retain young talent, it is imperative to understand what motivates them and how brands can react.

At the IFMA Chain Operators EXchange (COEX), Chris Malone, Managing Partner at Fidelum Partners, will explore unique and exclusive research on the management of millennials from a labor and engagement standpoint with true insights from the front line.  As part of this session, Fidelum Partners will conduct an online engagement survey of select operators prior to the conference and share these findings with conference attendees.

Having evaluated over 45 companies across 10 separate studies, Chris will share compelling insights and stories of fanatical loyalty to companies such as Panera Bread, Hershey’s, Starbucks, Domino’s, Zappos, Amazon and more, showing how these brands manage to achieve success and sustain it, by forging warm and competent relationships with employees and customers.

The powerful two-day conference will highlight key topics focused on the changing operator landscape including industry disruptors, legislative impacts, the world of digital and technology, menu trends, delivery solutions, global supply & demand, and much more.

COEX 2017 will also feature an expanded, interactive breakout series allowing you to craft your own agenda and dive deeper into relative, key functional areas including culinary, marketing, supply chain, insights and leadership. View Agenda.

Additionally, executives from leading chains such as Taco Bell, SUBWAY and Buffalo Wild Wings will provide key industry learnings along with industry thought leaders such as Accenture, Datassential, the National Restaurant Association, and The Center for Generational Kinetics.

Join the rest of the industry – including the more than 40 high-profile operators on the planning committee – in Las Vegas March 5-7 for a program you won’t want to miss! Whether during organized one-on-one meetings, entertaining events or roundtable discussions, COEX is a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity and business building event for foodservice leaders.

For more information about COEX, please contact Laura Everly – Director, Center of Connectivity [Laura@ifmaworld.com] or search IFMA WORLD to download the mobile app in the app store.

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Aug 07

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Key Themes in Effective Foodservice Operator / Manufacturer Collaboration

Effective collaboration in the foodservice industry takes close communication that focuses on keeping partners abreast of the information they need. It takes understanding, to see the business needs and incentives of all parties. And it requires trust, a belief that the other party will make good on its promises. At IFMA COEX 2015, three panels focused on the importance of collaboration between operators and foodservice manufacturers: Collaboration in Culinary, Collaboration in Marketing and Collaboration in Supply Chain/Operations.

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Ira Blumenthal discussed why restaurants use LTOs. He
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Updated annually and unveiled at the Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum, the IFMA Foodservice Landscape and Insights Library are comprehensive resources to aid in your planning that are prepared through a collaborative and transparent effort by Datassential and The NPD Group. These updated resources are now available for IFMA members. 

Foodservice at Home is Just Beginning to Reach its Potential--Really

Although it may seem as if the market is saturated with options, it is only just beginning to reach its potential. Consumers crave convenience, affordability, and they increasingly value the luxury of enjoying a restaurant-quality meal in their home. IFMA and Datassential examine the growth and potential of foodservice at home.

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Foodservice spending, which was up 3 percent in the year ending April 2015, did not equate to foodservice visits, which were flat in the period, according to The NPD Group, a leading global information company. The foodservice industry remains challenged to get people out of their homes to eat versus eating in home.  Four out of five meals are prepared and consumed at home and in home meals have been on the rise for several years, reports NPD’s ongoing food consumption market research.