Connecting Global Military Foodservice Leaders to Your Products

Posted by Laura Everly, IFMA February 03, 2017

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Most manufacturers recognize that the U.S. Navy's global on-shore food operations present significant business opportunities; however, many suppliers may not approach the market because of the perception it is too difficult to get their foot in the door. Both new and existing suppliers can achieve substantial long-term success with the U.S. Navy when they focus on sustaining strategic partnerships.   

Working with the U.S. Navy presents its share of nuances both new and existing suppliers must always understand, but building and maintaining strong relationships with food and beverage teams will help the suppliers overcome these challenges.

When a manufacturer considers serving the U.S. Navy's land-based foodservice operations, there are an abundance of markets to consider. They could address a single domestic geographic location, multiple locations in the U.S. and/or even more locations in international markets.

The IFMA 2017 Navy Foodservice Ashore Solutions Conference is a unique, exclusive opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the obstacles that the Navy Foodservice agencies face and how manufacturers can assist to solve these challenges. The program gives you an opportunity to enhance your product exposure with direct interaction of more than 100 on-shore military personal, affiliates and foodservice professional— all representing more than $85M in sales.

NEW FOR 2017

  • Full meal buffets showcasing manufacturers’ product
    • Tuesday—Breakfast & Lunch
    • Wednesday—Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Thursday—Breakfast & Lunch
  • Two-day Trade Show
    • Includes manufacturer Chefs participation & product training
  • Menu design sessions with manufacturer products to increase on-site utilization
  • Enhanced networking with attendees from around the world

The four-day program provides a relaxed environment to interact with current and prospective customers, build important relationships and secure significant business opportunities. Experience first-hand the only approved event where global U.S. Navy operators meet in one place to learn about your foodservice products.

Join over 100 U.S. Navy foodservice decision makers at the 2017 Navy Foodservice Ashore Solutions Conference, June 12-15 in San Diego.

Interested in participating? Contact Cheron Lessmeister, IFMA's Director, Membership.

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IFMA hosted the annual Navy Foodservice Ashore Solutions Conference, an enterprise-wide training opportunity for MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) foodservice professionals June 12-15 at Navy Base Point Loma in San Diego, California.