Cleveland Research Identifies Movement in Grocery Foodservice Trend

Posted by IFMA September 23, 2014

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Given the accelerated shift to perimeter departments within grocery and convenience stores, retailers are allocating more space and resources to grow profits from foodservice sales.

Recent upward trends in the grocery channel are the focus of a recent study by The Cleveland Research Company. It demonstrates how retailers are taking advantage of consumers' willingness to purchase full meals on-site or to go.

Current sales trends in the grocery foodservice are just one of the topics that Cleveland Research Founding Partner, Jason Whitmer, will address at Presidents Conference this fall. Other grocery foodservice topics will include:

  • Historical grocery foodservice failures and secular retail competitive pressures
  • Changing landscape for perimeter vs. center store departments in grocery
  • New foodservice model in grocery and who is cracking the code
  • Foodservice growth and potential penetration estimates in grocery and quantitative impact on restaurants
  • Best practices of what is working and how to win

Mr. Whitmer brings 15 years of institutional investor research experience and functions as the president of Market Research at Cleveland Research Company. The company provides insights and services across multiple industries, including: retail/foodservice, industrial, technology and healthcare. Mr. Whitmer's aggressive research approach and unique reports has made him a celebrated guest speaker for numerous foodservice industry events and conferences.

The Cleveland Research Company is an independent research firm that was founded in 2006 and has grown tremendously since. The firm is regularly engaged with the channels and companies - clients find value from getting in front of key themes and trends that lead to faster and better strategic and financial decisions.

Learn more about emerging foodservice opportunities in the grocery channel by seeing Mr. Whitmer speak live at Presidents Conference 2014 on Foodservice in Grocery, providing real examples that can lead to actionable ideas for foodservice suppliers and distributors. 

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