Becoming the Employer of Choice: Attracting & Retaining Millennial Restaurant Employees

Posted by IFMA April 12, 2017

In conjunction with the 2017 IFMA Chain Operators EXchange, IFMA partnered with Chris Malone and Fidelum Partners to conduct exclusive research on employee retention in foodservice.

A quantitative study was designed to assess the priorities, perceptions and job loyalty of restaurant employees aged 18-34 (millennials) compared to other generations.



A few highlights of the report include:

  • Restaurant employees feel that manager honesty and a safe work environment are their most important expectations. Expectations as far as medical benefits, company reputation and training were rated far less important.
  • Millennials rated most job characteristic to be substantially less important than those over age 35. Millennials feel quantity of hours and job advancement are much more important than non-millennials.
  • Only 45% of employees are satisfied with the overall experience with their foodservice employer. Millennials are much less likely to stay employed in their current position for at least 12 months than staff members over the age of 35.
  • Employer reputation is driven by a manager’s honesty, acting in the best interest of employees, and a safe and comfortable work environment. 

In conclusion, as suspected, millennial employees reported substantially lower job satisfaction, intent to stay and likelihood to recommend levels than all other employees. While millennials and older employees agree that manager honesty and a safe work environment are highly important, they differ significantly in other areas. However, the most significant finding is that millennials perceive their managers to perform poorly on honestly and integrity, driving down their job loyalty.  

The full research report can be downloaded HERE

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