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Posted by IFMA October 12, 2012

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As IFMA celebrates its 60th anniversary, our industry is
quickly evolving and all aspects of the business are under significant change. When I became President and CEO late in 2009, I was optimistic about the future of the industry and IFMA, but I knew we could not get to where we wanted to be without working more closely together.

Today, I'm proud to say IFMA's programs and offerings are member-driven, with 60% of member companies engaged in one or more of 20 committees. This structure creates a dynamic network that fosters communication and enables us to listen closely to your triumphs, challenges, goals and all-around needs. We have moved from an internally focused organization to one that is totally focused and driven by members for members.

The issues that are top of mind for you are front and center for
IFMA. In the last year alone, this has resulted in the development and enhancement of initiatives such as Center of Innovation Excellence (CIE), a three-phase plan to establish foodservice innovation standards and best practices. Our Strategic Issues Series (SIS), launched in 2012, is a complimentary IFMA manufacturer members-only forum that brings to light critical issues and how you can take advantage of the challenges - from GPOs to The Distributor of the Future and The Go-To-Market of
the Future. You also told us that you needed an effective means to understand how your distributor and operator customers evaluated your company's performance versus your competitors'. The Performance Benchmarking Committee was formed and is completing work on this new tool which will be introduced to the industry this quarter.

As always, IFMA continues to enable IFMA members to connect, discover and optimize through our many events. I encourage you to use the new and exciting ifmaworld.com and the IFMA calendar as a resource for upcoming conferences, events and committee meetings, and to take advantage of everything IFMA has to offer. Thank you for giving us the support to pursue these many opportunities together in our foodservice industry.

In order to have continued access to all IFMA has to offer, members have recently received an invoice for 2013 membership dues. We hope you will continue to take advantage of the opportunities to connect, discover and optimize.  


Larry Oberkfell

President & CEO, IFMA

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