Set your course with IFMA. Join a community of foodservice leaders, like you, navigating the critical issues and opportunities that drive your business.

Your membership provides you with information and insights that enable you to discover the best opportunities. A series of member directed programs connect you to your customers and peers, enabling you to network and dialogue. Finally, a host of mission critical industry initiatives brings you best practices to optimize business strategies.

Professionals only invest their time and energy when they're sure of an excellent return. That's why so many foodservice organizations choose to be part of IFMA, because of the value it offers them and their employees. Our members connect and interact with customers, partners and peers on an ongoing basis, gain information critical to their success and access unique resources that help advance their organizations and careers.

In fact, the best minds in foodservice ensure that our programs are relevant, actionable and content rich.The content of our programs is member-driven. In fact, the best minds in foodservice ensure that our programs are relevant, actionable and content rich. With more than 50% of our member companies involved in one or more of 20 active committees, IFMA's programs are truly "by members, for members." That's the kind of return members enjoy from IFMA, the only trade association focused on foodservice.


Connecting with customers and industry peers is one of the key benefits of IFMA membership. We bring members together with key-decision makers from:

  • Operator companies
  • Distributor companies
  • Peer companies
  • Industry providers

Members engage and connect at structured events and high-impact forums that foster innovation and partnership to build your top-line sales. 


As our industry continues to evolve, IFMA helps members stay up to date on issues, trends and new technologies. From proprietary consumer and operator research to market insights and other business intelligence, we help members stay ahead of the curve to discover their best opportunities, win customers and work with partners-all while growing their business.


IFMA enables members to optimize their businesses and their careers by facilitating common initiatives and developing best practices. Our committee-driven programs encourage collaboration and enable improved performance.

To find out more about how IFMA can help your company prosper, email Cheron Lessmeister at or ask for the Member Services Group at 312-540-4400. 

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Regular Manufacturer Membership

Dues: Based on Foodservice Sales Volume

Regular manufacturer membership in IFMA is available to any independent operating company, division or subsidiary of a corporation which is engaged in the manufacturing, processing and marketing of food, supplies or equipment for the foodservice industry. 

Manufacturer Membership Dues

Use the calculator or refer to the chart below for estimated dues.

Over But less than # Plus Per Million of Sales Over
$0 $10 $3,000 $193 $ 1 million
$10 $30 $4,737 $77 $ 10 million
$30 $100 $6,277 $56 $ 30 million
$100 $350 $10,197 $52 $ 100 million
$350 $500 $23,197 $35 $ 350 million
$500 Up $28,447 $17 $ 500 million

Dues: Minimum of $3,000 Per Year

Definition of Foodservice Sales: Foodservice sales shall mean all revenues generated from products and services provided to the foodservice industry.

Contact Cheron Lessmeister to discuss your dues estimate.

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Associate Membership

$3,195 minimum dues

Associate membership in IFMA is available to any company or organization that provides services to the foodservice industry. Categories include: advertising, marketing, marketing research, consulting, public relations, education, trade publications, executive search, information systems, investment banking, professional/trade organizations ,industry services/miscellaneous.

International Membership

Dues: $1,750 Per Year

Companies serving the foodservice industry whose residences are not located in the United States. 

IFMA Representation and Participation

Each Regular Manufacturer Member company is entitled to one (1) vote in all matters requiring a vote of member companies. Associate, and International Member companies do not vote.

Each Regular, Associate, and International Member Company is required to specify the name of one primary and one secondary official to represent the company in all membership affairs. Additional names can be added to the association mailing list. 

IFMA Board Member, Mark Bendix,
highlights the benefits of IFMA membership.