IFMA Staff Members

  • Larry

    President & CEO

    Larry is responsible for the overall success of the organization and works closely with the Board of Directors to provide strategic direction for the Association. He represents the membership through participation with other associations and groups involved in our industry, and he is involved in many industry initiatives, including GS1 leadership.


  • Jennifer

    Chief Financial Officer

    Jennifer is responsible for the association's financial health and transparency to members. In addition, she oversees office operations, technology, human resources and meeting logistics. She is the staff liaison for the IFMA Educational Foundation and the Gold & Silver Plate Society.


  • Anthony R.

    Vice President, Sales & Member Services

    Tony has overall responsibility for leading the effort to grow IFMA's membership, participation and sponsorship programs. He meets with members to ensure they receive maximum value from their membership and communicate these insights gained to keep IFMA programs actionable and relevant.


  • Eric

    Director, IT Services

    Eric is responsible for all aspects of IFMA internal computer network and oversees the association's website.


  • Laura

    Director, Center of Connectivity

    Laura is responsible for IFMA’s Connectivity Forums which include Presidents Conference, Chain Operators Exchange (COEX), Gold & Silver Plate Awards and Marketing & Sales Leaders Forum. In this role, Laura coordinates efforts with IFMA’s Board of Directors led committees of Members and Operators who are responsible for the creation of content and the overall success of the events.


  • Cindy

    Director, Meetings & Events

    Cindy organizes and executes all of the IFMA events. IFMA events involve sponsor products, hotel negotiations and onsite logistics, registration processes and overall event coordination. IFMA events are an integral part of the association, programs and membership.


  • Rhonda

    Manager, Marketing

    Rhonda is responsible for leading the organization’s marketing and communication efforts within the areas of Membership, Insights and Best Practices. Rhonda also collaborates with the Director, Insights and Best Practices and Membership team to help create and execute marketing plans for multiple products and programs. She manages integrated marketing activities and ensures that the brand integrity is maintained across the company’s marketing initiatives and communications. 


  • Jill

    Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

    Jill supports the president and his executive team on various tasks. She is the primary administrative Board of Directors contact, handling meeting arrangements, property location/requirements and board meeting follow-up. Jill also assists the CFO with Educational Foundation and Gold & Silver Plate Society.


  • Cassie

    Manager, Marketing

    Cassie is responsible for creating content that fuels marketing communications to drive awareness and attendance to IFMA's Connectivity events. She develops and manages website/video content, social media and email as communication vehicles to expand IFMA’s digital footprint.


  • Cheron

    Director, Membership

    Cheron consults with existing members to ensure they are realizing the maximum value and benefit of their membership. Additionally, she has overall manufacturer responsibility for Operator Forums and actively pursues new members.


  • Courtney

    Manager, Accounting

    Courtney is responsible for the accounts receivable, event and conference registrations and program participation. She handles the collection of all accounts receivable, invoicing for sponsorships, meeting registrations, program participation and manages processing of membership dues calculations and payments. 


  • Lisa

    Manager, Office Operations

    Lisa is responsible for organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Lisa manages daily operations and works closely with staff and vendors to execute projects for IFMA events, conferences and daily operations.


  • Mike

    Vice President, Member Value

    Mike oversees and provides strategic direction to IFMA’s member-facing programs and services within its three Centers of Excellence: Insights, Best Practices, and Connectivity. Mike also facilitates meaningful partnerships with external groups for additional services.