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The society was established in 1976. The purpose was to raise funds for the Foundation to fund educational assistance for deserving students of the foodservice industry. Members are recipients of IFMA's Gold and Silver Plate Award for Excellence in the Foodservice Industry and pay a modest annual due of $75.

Dues reminders are sent each year, along with request for contribution to the fund that pays 100% to educational institutions to support stipends for students participating in internships related to their study of foodservice.

All Society members are welcomed back during the annual recognition of the newest Class of Silver Plate winners. The events are held during the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. On Sunday morning a brunch is held to re-connect with prior award recipients, welcome the newest class and hold the annual Society meeting and election of the Council representative. Members are also invited to the Saturday evening Celebration where they are recognized as prior award recipients.  The Society Council urges everyone to attend as it is a great opportunity to maintain those business and personal contacts that mean so much to all of us and to support the future of our great industry.

The Society is governed by a Council. The Council consists of nine individuals, including the President of IFMA, two other members of the IFMA Executive Committee, and six representatives of winners of the International Gold and Silver Plate award selected by the Society Members.

Contact us regarding the International Gold and Silver Plate Society

Jennifer Tarulis
180 North Stetson
Suite 850
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone (312) 540-4400

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