About IFMA

Established in 1952, the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) provides leaders in the $600 billion foodservice industry with connections, insights and best practices needed to drive increased market share and operational excellence.

Manufacturers, Operators, Distributors and Service Providers in the foodservice supply chain all engage IFMA as integral parts of its membership and partner community. From culinary and marketing to sales/supply chain, insights and executive leadership -- these professionals collaborate with IFMA to bring more innovative products, heightened efficiencies and better channel partner relationships to the industry. Collectively, this enables IFMA and its member/partner community to enhance the consumer’s enjoyment of the foodservice choice.

About the IFMA Centers of Excellence

IFMA enables the industry’s most dynamic professionals to focus on the critical issues affecting their business, while also co-creating value with operators. We do this through the IFMA Centers of Excellence, which create numerous opportunities for foodservices professionals to engage all year long.

  • Center of Connectivity– offers a series of events for industry professionals to share insights and best practices, while also celebrating those who exemplify the best in the business. 
  • Center of Insights– provides a host of research studies, publications and forums to identify and explain new trends affecting the foodservice landscape. 
  • Center of Best Practices – enables professionals to integrate new business practices, executive reports and training into their go-to-market efforts.

About IFMA Engagement and Membership

Virtually every aspect of IFMA is driven by committees. Today, more than 70% of our member companies are involved in one or more of 20 active committees. Committees bring together the best minds in our industry to address critical challenges and opportunities.

This intellectual capital ensures that IFMA's programs and services are relevant and actionable. Each committee has a chairperson and vice chairperson drawn from our diverse Board of Directors. Learn more about IFMA Membership.

IFMA Vision

Providing our Member Community and industry partners the opportunity to enhance the consumer's enjoyment of the foodservice choice.

IFMA Mission

Enabling our Member Community to focus on critical issues affecting their businesses and the industry.


IFMA 2016 COE Committees

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