The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) enables you to focus on the critical issues that affect your business and the industry. Engaging IFMA as a member will bring you opportunities to increase profitability and market share, and help the industry drive more consumers to choose foodservice.

IFMA is the foodservice association that drives a tangible return, as shown by the optimal performance of our members and those they serve. Following are just a few ways you can benefit from IFMA membership:

Connect with Your Customers
Experience one-on-one meetings with top operator decision makers through IFMA’s Connectivity Events. Establish meaningful relationships that drive powerful business opportunities.

Market Insight = Market Power
Gain access to valuable marketing data at a fraction the cost of similar research on the market. Have a say in what topics will be studied to help drive actionable insights relevant to your business.

Better Qualify and Quantify Budgeting

Use IFMA’s ROI Calculator to gain cost analysis on the programs you choose to engage with IFMA. Understand and be able to justify the value of your investment with IFMA to others within your organization.

Gain Industrywide Exposure

Become eligible to participate in all of IFMA’s Awards Programs which are promoted throughout the foodservice industry and help build important customer relationships. Members can also sponsor events to drive visibility with executive-level decision makers.

Best Practices Lead to Best Results
Obtain counsel on best practices that improve operational excellence. By joining IFMA, you'll gain access to best-in-class business practices that grow your margins. 

Share A Little, Learn A Lot
Join an IFMA Committee and begin building strategic partnerships with hundreds of leading foodservice companies-representing 80% of foodservice volume. When you have connections like that, you benefit from a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.